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Everybody loves to win and we have found a brand new way to win every single game in NBA 2K17 MyPark. Even if you’re an experienced player, it would still benefit you immensely if you knew this method. You will be undefeated with this method and never lose a game again.
NBA 2K17 MyPark – Use this method to win every game
We will explain to you exactly what you need to do. At the check-in on offense, when the ball is passed to the center, have the other player run to the hoop so you can get a wide shot. Then just take the shot and its game over for the other team.
If you have the Grand badges then it’s even deadlier. Check-in, screen, open and shoot. It’s a confirmed basket. It’s definitely unguardable. If you have other badges like Hall of Fame then they will help immensely too. The Grand Badge means you can literally shoot from anywhere and still get that basket.
Contrary to what most people think, it is actually easier to play defense using two centers. Have one player stand on the left side and one on the other side. Do not run into the screens, just stand on either side of the screen. This way they will never be open because nobody’s running to the screen. Switch off the screen and use that 1 on 1 zone.
This method will confirm victories for you. It works on both offense and defense. It is literally OP and we hope you use it the exact way we told you here. Let us know whether this method helped you. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more NBA 2K17 MyPark tips and tricks. We do guides on how to get several NBA 2K17 badges as well. So, make sure you take a look at them as well.

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August 11 1992 and 2016 Olympic Squads Are Featured in NBA 2K17 Sidst udgivet den 11-08-2016

With all the Summer Olympics underway in Rio, 2K has released a new trailer for NBA 2K17 featuring two in the United States' Olympic squads.
We don't get to see any real basketball action in the video. Instead, it focuses on the pre-game national anthem and some player-specific celebrations. Most importantly, it teases the potential dream matchup that NBA 2K17 makes possible, where you could play a game between the 1992 Dream Team and this year's US men's national team.
The latter, being comprised entirely of current-day NBA stars, is included in the game alongside head coach Mike Krzyzewski. But it also features the complete Dream Team--in addition to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, all of whom we've seen before, this marks the first time Charles Barkley has been NBA 2K17 MT in a 2K game. However, you'll need to preorder the game in order to have access to the team.
Paul George, who broke his leg playing for the US national team in 2014 (albeit at the FIBA World Cup, not the Olympics), is this year's cover star. There's also a more expensive Legend edition NBA 2K17 MT of the game that features the now-retired Kobe Bryant on its cover and comes with various bonuses.
NBA 2K17 launches on September 20, although there is a way to get your hands on it four days early.

August 10 NBA 2K17 Trailer: First Game Footage Showing American Teams Sidst udgivet den 10-08-2016

August 11, 2016 09:41: For appearing in a few weeks Basketball Simulation "NBA 2K17" 2K Sports and Visual Concepts have now released a new trailer which shows to the Olympics match two teams of USA.
NBA 2K17 is expected to debut on the world markets in September. 2K Games, of course, stretches the muscles marketing before the event.
Those in charge of 2K Sports and Visual Concepts provide us with a fresh trailer now a first look at scenes of appearing next month Basketball Simulation "NBA 2K17". Suitable for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we are presented the 2016 USA Basketball Men's National Team that with the NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony and Co. does everything currently winning the gold medal.
These compete against the 1992 USA Basketball Men's National Team in which Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and other NBA legends included. The so-called "Dream Team" is available when the title on September 23, 2016, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC goes on sale as Vorbesteller bonus for "NBA 2K17". With the early tip-off version one may even go already on 16 September 2016, the launch.
Every few years, the NBA 2K series developers are trying to answer the question of who would win the match between an actual representation of the Olympic basketball and the "Dream Team" of the Olympic Games in 1992. In NBA 2K17, of course, there are two teams in case miss the chance to pre-order (Dream Team is attached as a bonus for pre-orders). This year Michael Jordan ready to clash with Kevin Durant in the NBA 2K17.
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August 10 Player is NBA 2K17 Virtual Figure Prototype Sidst udgivet den 10-08-2016

NBA 2K17 is the virtual equivalent of a player. It just means your game strategy could be perfect applied in NBA 2K17 game.
If you find yourself in a situation where your roster is a year or more away from being a contender--if you land a particularly high draft pick in a fixed draft, for example--this might be the most important factor to consider. And even if you land the first overall pick, you'll still want to consider the economic situation of your team before each and every selection, to maximize cap flexibility for the first season, and all the ones to come.
Having a firm idea of your team's ideal identity is probably most important in the later rounds, when the best players have been chosen and you're looking for players to fill out the bench. So many players have almost equal ratings, so understanding what skills you are looking for can make choosing between them much less difficult. If you envision a strong, gritty defensive team, you may prioritize signing someone like Tony Allen in lieu of Jamal Crawford, for example. Or if you see your team as a youth movement built to win for many years in the future, you may pass on established veterans, looking for so-called "diamonds in the rough."
In a recent NBA 2K17 report posted on Attack of the Fanboy, it was noted that several gamers are having issues accessing the game’s online servers. This was confirmed by 2K Support via a Twitter post, which also noted that they are looking into the issue. Miami Heat’s shot-blocking center Hassan Whiteside became the best shot blocker of all time in “NBA 2K16” following its recent roster updates in the second week of January. In addition to Whiteside, other players who saw significant improvements on their ratings include DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings, Isiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics, Kemba Walker of Charlotte Hornets. Tyreke Evans of the New Orleans Pelicans, Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies.

August 10 Three Main Principles in NBA 2K17 Fantasy Draft Guide Sidst udgivet den 10-08-2016

This topic is mainly about the fantasy draft of NBA 2K17, and this tips will give you a general overview of how to use the fantasy draft in NBA 2K17's MyLeague mode to make your favorite team a title contender not only for one season, but hopefully many seasons to come. 
NBA 2K17's fantasy draft option can drastically alter the state of the MyLeague--here's how to build a championship contender out of the chaos. 
In this guide, I'm going to focus on three main principles that seem to be most effective for building a contender quickly through the fantasy draft. In truth, they aren't much different from what real-life NBA front offices consider when constructing their teams. 
Those three principles are team identity, roster balance, and cost-effectiveness. Having a vision for what kind of team you want to build heading into the draft can make putting it together a much easier affair. In other words, do you want to ran a "pace and space" offense, similar to the Golden State Warriors, a slower, more interior-dominated approach, like the Memphis Grizzlies' "grit and grind" mentality of the past few years, or something in between? 
Which team you choose may influence your decision. Each head coach is suited to run a certain style, like their real-life counterparts, so you may find it easier to build in accordance with their preferences. Or, perhaps you want to change your favorite team's mentality entirely -- the choice is entirely up to you! Just bear in mind that you may have to make coaching changes to make the system click.
We'll sort out a more complete guide, so that players can have better exertion in the game.